Our Vietnamese-American Wedding

It has been about a month and a half since our wedding and I can still remember it like it was yesterday. From getting up at 4AM to trying to keep up with our schedule, it was an exhausting but memorable experience.

As our Vietnamese-American generation progresses in the Western culture, I feel like a lot of the younger generation tend to brush off our traditions that makes up our culture. I’m talking about the Vietnamese tea ceremony. HOWEVER! I do understand why people rather not include it in their wedding. It DOES add a good 2-3 hours to your day (or could cause it to become a 2 day wedding like mine was but that’s another story). Overall, having the opportunity to do it is rewarding as it does represent our culture and lets us share it to  the people we know as well as our future kids.

Here I will go through the timeline of our wedding (pictures included) and don’t worry, I’ll be making another post or two with even more photos!

Saturday July 16, 2016

Our wedding was a two day celebration with both days starting as early as 4AM; mainly because I had 6 bridesmaids and you know how girls love to get ready! The first day was just our wedding ceremony. Wedding location was in my hometown Carthage, MO.


Around 8:30AM me and my husband did our first look at the hotel


10AM was when our church ceremony started


….and we ended it around 1PM with our wedding party/family photos

Sunday July 17, 2016

Just like Saturday we started getting ready at 4AM. This time we started off the day with the tea ceremony at my house beginning at 10AM and headed to his house right after to do another tea ceremony. The significance of the tea ceremony is to ask for blessings from both the grooms’ and brides’ ancestors. Why did we do it two times? Mainly because my parents wanted us to haha. To be honest, I am glad we did a tea ceremony because it gives me an excuse to wear a bridal Vietnamese Ao Dai (Long Dress); you only get one chance to wear it, so definitely use it!


The tea ceremony turned out to be one of the most emotional part of our wedding. It was basically us saying goodbye to our friends and family before we moved to start our new life together in Ohio. I decided to leave out the teary pictures for a reason 🙂

We continued to take more wedding photos at our reception venue which I will post in a separate post but here’s a sneak peak!


During cocktail hour me and my groom took photos of EVERY wedding guests that came through the door (or tried to) and let me tell you my feet were hurting. Our dinner started at 7PM and after dinner was our first dance to Ed Sherran – Thinking Out Loud. After that we did a traditional Vietnamese-walk-around-and-thank-you-everyone-while-collecting red-envelope (gotta love them Asian weddings for that!) and ended the night dancing away into an EDM/HipHop-glow-stick-party (the best idea I ever had haha). Yes I did change 3 times during the reception and yes it was super exhausting, especially being in heels all day long!


I will also be posting up a blog on wedding tips in a couple of days! Oh and if you missed it, here is our wedding video! A HUGE shoutout to Love Lens Wedding Photography and Captured in Frames (videography) for being with us on our special day.

Click Here for the Video



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