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We (me and my husband) started off 2017 back in Missouri sharing our life together in Ohio with our friends and family. I am glad to say that we have yet another city to boast about. Both of us had a three-day weekend and decided to take a trip to Columbus, OH. I can definitely say it is a beautiful city and is worth visiting. In this post I will be highlighting the things we did over the two nights we were there as well as some recommendations of things to do and places to eat.


Though there were other locations, we stayed in the Hilton Columbus Downtown. Shannon from the front desk gave us several pointers for things to do in the evening which helped us a lot during our stay. The hotel itself is beautiful. Once you get into area where the rooms are located, you may look up or down the center of the hotel lobby with a view of the other side of the hotel.

The whole hotel from the lobby to the room has a modern-like feel. The bathroom mirrors are equipped with LED lights. The shower is made of clear glass and I love that you can hang your towels inside the shower without it being wet! The room itself is fitting for just us two (not too big or small). As far as parking, you choose either to self-park ($23) or valet park ($26).


Our hotel was at a location called “Short North” where it was walking distances to the bar area as well as all the restaurants. I have stayed in downtown hotels in other cities before but with average looking rooms and it did not offer the amenities this hotel does. This hotel also has a skybridge that connects it to the convention center (which we found out they were holding an AnimeCon right next door). The Hilton not only fits the criteria of an elegant hotel but is also perfect if you are looking for things to do in the evening that are walking distance.


We went to a total of 5 restaurants during our stay in Columbus. I will list them below as well as my review on them. If you’d like, I also have a Instagram page dedicated to food, @huyentxeats and my husband’s page @theonlychihai, for all you foodies

Saturday night:

Lemon Grass Fusion Bistro (Japanese & Thai): The food was fantastic. For appetizers we ordered seafood crab rangoon and with a reasonable portion. For the entrée I got my favorite sushi roll, the Dragon Roll, which is always great in my book! My husband ordered the Honey Teriyaki Chicken which was delicious! The atmosphere was very cozy and hipster at the same time. Not so much of an elegant feel nor a pub type of restaurant if you are looking for that kind of vibe.

Le Chocoholique (Dessert): This place was right down the street from where we had dinner and we both shared a caramel cheesecake. Again this place had a very romantic vibe and it is perfect for couples to go to. The place also serves fondue as well as many other desserts.



Menya Ramen – For lunch we went to get our favorite hangover meal: ramen. I got the tonkotsu ramen which is my go to. The broth was perfectly cooked and I could not complain about the noodles or meat. My husband got the spicer form of the tonkotsu but his had more of a soy flavor to it.

Stack City Burger – Wow, this place was amazing! The burger was so fresh. I ordered their signature burger (Stack City Burger) and it tasted like a fancier form of a Big Mac! The meat and ingredients definitely tasted a lot fresher but it still reminded me a little too much of the Big Mac itself. My husband’s burger (Philly Burger) was also amazing. Definitely recommend going there on your visit! On top of that, the wings, fries, and milkshake was phenomenal!


Walrus – This is definitely a pub type of restaurant and my least favorite restaurant we went to over the weekend. I ordered the lobster roll and it had little flavor. Sad to say because I heard great things about the place. The fries were really good though as well as my husband’s BBQ chicken sandwich, but overall I did not enjoy my service there (there was 3 people taking turns to take care of us) and it was a confusing process.


Finally, we went to the Science Museum located in downtown Columbus. It was definitely more of a family (children) type of environment. Every time we would try to mess with the tech items there would always be a kid running up and messing up our fun. It is a very interactive attraction, but definitely not for adults. Also, we are waiting until summer to ride the Segway and possibly attend a food and brewery tour. Maybe then I will do another updated staycation of Columbus!


As a young couple, we were looking for an ultra-lounge type of place or somewhere that was not too noisy and more chill. However, we ended up at the bar district on Park Street. Lets just say that it made us think of our friends a little too much. All the bars had a dance floor and majority of them did not have cover charge (bonus for them bar hoppers)! It was a great night checking out the nightlife in the Short North. Again, this is walking distance from our hotel.

If you are from the area please feel free to leave me pointers for our next visit!

Thanks so much for reading and hope you had a great start for 2017!






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  1. Michelle Sun says:

    Dude, I love Crab Ragoon and Dragon Roll!!! Sounded like you guys had more than enough food 😉 If we can all bond over food, then I’m sure we will get along, heh 😉 Love your hotel review!!! The view looks amazing and I love that pic of you on the bed!!!

    – Michelle Sun

  2. reocochran says:

    I live in Delaware, Ohio where it is a university town (Ohio Wesleyan University) and we have outstanding selection of restaurants. Sushi and Asian cuisine at Typhoon, homey food at our Hamburger Inn, local diner and Mexican food with very unique specials called “12 West.”
    The Cameron Mitchell restaurants of Guild House, The Pearl and Martini’s are fabulous in Columbus!
    My youngest daughter lives outside Columbus in German Village. They have some yummy food, too. If you ever come back here, let me know and I may have some updates to share. In Columbus, the Gallery Hop is amazing on the first Saturday of every month. 🙂

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