Visit Chicago: Loews Hotel

Located in Downtown Chicago, Loews Hotel offers a contemporary style of lodging. The main floor is spacious and offers a large common area with a mini bar/restaurant. One thing I did notice about the restaurant area is that there is always people there and it gets crazy busy in the evening! My husband used the area more often than me because of my schedule, but it would’ve been something I wouldn’t mind checking out.

My good friend Michelle persuaded me to bring some gym clothes and let me tell you, I only used the facility on the first day because of all the activities we did during the week (haha). I am glad we did though because it is something else that I can boast about with this hotel. On top of a water fountain, the hotel also has a water container filled with orange and grapefruit juice (which I thought was tasty). My favorite part of the workout machines is that it offers Facebook AND Youtube!! I watched a few videos but I didn’t have headphones with me (which they also offer as well). I also loved the fact that they had cold towels for the guests to use!

Four of us stayed in a 2-double bedroom and it was large enough for all of us. We had the navy pier view but the other side of the hotel offers the city view. Every morning the housekeepers would clean our room up very nicely and even organized our bathroom products.

Right outside of the hotel you can see a part of the Riverwalk which I can see being a popular place to take a walk on during the summer. The hotel is walking distance to the Magnificent Mile. There are also several buses in the area for public transportation. Overall, my stay here was great and I would come back to this hotel. It is also found in other cities so definitely consider them.


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  1. Michelle Sun says:

    Huyen, these are awesome pictures of the hotel!!! You really captured just how gorgeous Loews Hotel really is 🙂 I love how we totally didn’t end up gymming as much as we wanted to, LOL. The tourist/blogger life is too real (and a bit draining) after walking around all of Chicago and doing photoshoots non-stop! XD Hope to see you and Thomas again soon! <3

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hiiii! ❤️

    – a certain mango. Or rabbit.

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