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Before we dive into the food, I’ll just mention that this will be a semi-long post. I will try my best to shorten my words and let my audience appreciate the photos instead (haha). Of course Chicago won’t have amazing food compared NYC and LA, but for it being a Midwest Metropolis it is wonderful enough. You must also visit here with a mentality that everything will be expensive.

Wildberry Breakfast & Cafe

Above Right: Signature Berry Bliss ($12)

Come early, come hungry. This place will get busy fairly quickly! We went early in order to make time for a photoshoot with some Chicago photographers and there was some seats available, but this place is known to have a two hour wait. It took us about 15-20 minutes to receive our food. The portion was HUGE! It definitely filled all of us up and is enough for two to share. The price was average for what we paid for. Overall, it was delicious and also very filling!


3 Arts Club Cafe

Top: Smoked Salmon | Bottom: Burrata

Everyone should come here expecting a beautiful interior, but also expected to be treated rudely — at least thats how we experienced it. Our wait was about a 40 minute wait and we were able to walk around the premise, but after being told once that we aren’t allowed to take photos, we were constantly being followed. When we also approached the hostess about the text message that our table is ready, she glared like we did something horrible. Our waiter, however, was friendly. Since this is a nice brunch spot I can see why they are more expensive than other places. The smoked salmon was delicious, but I don’t recommend the burrata. You should definitely come here for the experience, but be weary of the staff.

Lou Malnati’s

One of the three most popular pizza eateries in Chicago, Lou Malnati’s is one of the places you must check out for two reasons: 1) you’re in Chicago, 2) you need to try Chicago style pizza. Warning: it does take roughly 40 minutes for them to cook their pizza! However, while you wait, consider ordering their salad. You wont regret it. It was so good that we even bought their dressing!


The thing I love about pizza? It’s a shareable meal, you can split the price, and you still leave the restaurant stuffed! Again, this place was about a 40 minute wait. If you’re debating on which restaurant to hit up, note that every place has a flavor unique to its restaurant. I enjoyed my experience at both places!

Au Cheval


Create your own – double cheese burger with eggs and bacon

Before I say anything. Please know that I am a burger snob. That be said, I will admit, this is the best burger I’ve had in my life!! Before this I would compare every burger meal I’ve had to Gordan Ramsey’s Burgr joint in Vegas. Hands down, you must go here when you visit Chicago. NOTE: come early because this place will fill up within MINUTES of opening. It is a small diner with limited seating and the burger was about a 40 minute wait before it came out–it was worth every minute. You can’t look at the photo and not tell me that the bacon is to die for even in photos! TIP: Their double burger is actually three pieces of meat whereas the single burger is two pieces of meat. The burger was about $15-20 but go try it and you’ll see why.

Slurping Turtle

Top: Tonkatsu Ramen ($14) | Bottom: Pork Bun ($11)

This was the first meal we had in Chicago and as one of the highest rated places in Chicago to eat, I wasn’t very impressed. Their ramen and broth was on the average scale. However, their pork buns were delicious! The ramen’s portion was small compared to other places I’ve been to and the pork bun was more expensive than average. I felt as if I paid for the decor as well (nice, hipster restaurant).


One of the few times I crave Mexican food is when I need something to munch on before a good night of drinking. This place overall was delicious and the tacos and pork skin was amazing. The tacos were one of the best I’ve had in my life. It was definitely a great way to start our night.

Cindy’s Rooftop


Left: The Hercules ($15)

You. Must. Go. Here. Whether during the day or at night (which I’ve only gone during evening). Outside of the restaurant we were able to overlook a part of the city’s skyline  which was beautiful. During the day the restaurant offers a hipster-like setting and I wish we could have seen what it looked like at that time. I will say the drinks here are expensive, but please know that you’re in Chicago so there’s no room to be frugal! I ordered the Hercules which was a wonderful cocktail. Next time we visit Chicago, we are making a note to come back again during the day!

Sugar Factory

After we visited the science museum, we were parched for some adult beverages! Me and my friend Thy shared a fishbowl and we got lucky that it was during their happy hour! The drinks were 50% off and worth every sip ($17 drink vs. $35).

Thanks so much for reading and hope you enjoy your future trip to the Windy City!

– Huyen

Disclaimer: The Lou Malnati’s review was sponsored



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  1. Michelle Sun says:

    Omg, all of these food pictures makin’ me drool Huyen! LOL I even forgot about some of the places we ate at until I read up on your blog. I LOVED the pork belly baos from The Slurping Turtle so much, hence why i ordered TWO! Bahaha. Love love love the food photos and I hope that we can meet again soon! <3

    – Michelle Sun

  2. xcapewithlinh says:

    Wow these food pics are so delicious! Thank you for sharing this! I need to come back to Chicago to taste all of this!


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