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I remember as a child, I wanted to cut my hair shorter and layer it – but my mom wouldn’t let me touch it until I was 16. Her response was, “you’re going to damage your hair” and “it’s going to look bad”. Being a good child, I listened to everything she said, but I’m glad I got out of that stage!


Cutting my hair was of course necessary and I eventually layered it, but when I mentioned about coloring my hair, she exploded.

Finally, at the age of 22 I just told her straight up that I am coloring it. She finally agreed but when I came home with blonde hair my dad freaked out (growing up sheltered anyone?).


Three years later I can definitely say yes it does damage your hair and no I don’t plan on going back to black anytime soon. Having color to my hair changes how I feel about myself and makes me feel more confident (though I am thinking of going to ash brown soon). My hair is no way perfect, but I compiled some tips on how I maintain my hair and keeping it up to date!

  1. Going from dark hair to light is a lot of work. If you are thinking of doing so, I encourage getting it professionally done. It definitely takes time and I remember when I started coloring my hair there was a stage where it started to fade to a bronze color! Eventually you’ll get to a point where it’s light enough that your hair will no longer turn into the orang-ish color. It took me about 2-3 sessions to get it to where I wanted to be.
  2. Purple shampoo will be your best friend. Use it only 1-2 times a week because it does dry out your hair, but it definitely maintains the color and keeps it bright!
  3. Get it professionally done. You don’t have to, BUT I highly recommend it. Find a reputable stylist and you won’t have to worry where your money goes. The products and experience they have are not similar to store bought products (unless you buy the professional lines). Some people like to save for manicures, pedicures and spa, but I like to spoil my hair the most. Also, ask for olaplex! It helps damage your hair less during the process and after (usually about $20 more).
  4. Invest in good hair products (leave in conditioner or hair masks). There are several out there so do research and find your favorite (I’ll talk about mine in a future post). Remember, there is no “best” product; reputable ones will work just fine. You typically see your stylist every 6-8 weeks and during that time you need to continue to care for your hair. Consistently use it too! You can’t use it once and expect results, it’s definitely high maintenance but isn’t beauty overall?
  5. Invest in good hair tools. There are so many bad ones out there but there are a lot of good ones as well. Again, you do not want to cheap out on hair products!


Do you have any of your favorite tips? Leave a comment down below!


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2 responses to “Hair Coloring Advice”

  1. wanderlustts says:

    Omg! Haha my parents were the exact way but I pretty much forced them to get use to hair colouring – now they don’t even budge when I show up with red / blue / purple hair LOL. But then again I started colouring when I was 12 haha!
    Ahh I actually have the exact same problem when I went blonde, it kept turning brassy no matter how many times I used purple shampoo. But one tip I definitely stand by in this post is to get it professionally done. Especially with a colour so light against your natural black hair, it’s so easy to spot mistakes when doing it yourself!! But it was definitely a lot of money to touch it up so often T_T


  2. Michelle Sun says:

    This was a super useful blog post to read! 🙂 I absolutely LOVE your hair color every time that you change it up and I wish I could be as bold as you when it comes to changing my hair color! I like to stick to safe browns and reds LOL, but I don’t think blonde would look good on me anyways cuz of my skin tone 😮 I’m in love with your vanity mirror btw!!!

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