Adult-Only vs. Family-Friendly Resort

Most likely your initial thought is “Well of course an all-adult is the way to go!” — because that was what I thought too. Unfortunately, it was not what I experienced.


Upon our arrival to our resort (Royal Suite Turquesa) there was one thing that stuck out to us — the hotel was quiet. I’m not talking about peaceful tranquility, but rather, there was not a lot of people in the resort. It only took us a day to realize that every other sister hotel in the resort are much more lively. My assumption is that parents want to take their kids with them, so of course those hotels will be more busy (and fun).

Adult-only resorts are more expensive. My advice is to save the extra money for nicer resorts that is family-friendly. You can definitely tell that once you go into our room that it is sort of outdated, which makes me believe that it was a little bit pricey for what we paid for just because it was an adult-only.

We thought that for our honeymoon we should have an experience with no kids running around or crying. We realize that the family-friendly hotels did not bother us. In fact, parents appear more cautious with their children on vacation than back at home! However, it was the adult-only excursions that really made a difference in the environment. It was much easier to relax and enjoy the scenery with only adults. So my tip would be: don’t worry about a resort with children, but look for adult-only excursions when you go on your trip!

PS: if you are wanting to staying at an adult-only resort that has sister hotels, check to see if they are adult-only too or you will still end up sharing the resort with children anyway.

Our vacation was nonetheless amazing and filled with lots and lots of lobsters! I am definitely missing that beach bum life right now.


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  1. Thy Nguyen says:

    I felt the same way when I went to the all adult. It was such a bore. Definitely love the family one a whole lot more!

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