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Algorithm – It’s the hottest topic on Instagram right now that it might as well be the #1 trending hashtag (if it isn’t already). After reading several blog posts where bloggers voiced their opinion on the topic, I’ve concluded one thing: it discourages influencers no matter if they have 1K or 100K followers. Therefore, I’ll spare you the sad story of how it affects me. Instead, let’s discuss numbers and why we are so dumbfounded about it.




People speak of numbers as if it is a foreign concept. There are those that wonder “why do people obsess themselves over numbers of likes and followers on social media? That is so superficial”


Well Aunt Jane…. the problem is numbers.

This is where you need to consider your life outside of social media.

Our biggest worries revolve around numbers.


Consider this: our age, weight, grades/GPA and money – these are a few things in life we keep to ourselves; therefore, we feel more secure when little or no one knows about it. Can we do that with social media following and likes? Not so much. This is a part of our life we cannot keep private as an influencer.

The truth is that numbers are publicized for everyone, especially brands, to see. Brands see that low engagement and following means low reach, so why invest us if we cannot increase their exposure? The reason why it impacts us at a personal level is because it IS personal. I understand the idea “there’s more to life than numbers,” but just like a business executive, you need the numbers to prove that you are capable of being a business partner.

So why is it that we become obsessed with social media? There’s a phenomena called “loss aversion” that psychologists study and it is theorized that a loss triggers a greater brain activity than a gain. For example, in terms of money we may gain $10 but feel more emotion when we lose $5. Does this sound familiar in the digital world? Society is evolving and the internet has never been more powerful than today. Several jobs and careers are created online and the industry has such a great impact on people’s lives.

Therefore, we cannot say that we are a generation obsessed with numbers because EVERYONE is obsessed with some kind of numerical value, but in a different context (money, status, grades, etc.). Also, some people are more sensitive than others when it comes to the situation.

I cannot tell you how you can control your self-esteem because only you know how. However, I’m here to say, it’s OK to be obsessed a little because a little obsession can motivate you to improve. Just like weight, grades, and money, numbers can fluctuate, but just like age, it will never go down as long as you continue. Please also remember, you are worth so much more than a numerical value.

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8 responses to “Instagram Algorithm”

  1. Michelle Sun says:

    Aw, I love this blog post!!! I definitely agree that we all get a little bit too into numbers at times, but we all have to remember to step back and take a breather that numbers are not EVERYTHING. We should always strive to grow and improve, and that’s the best thing we can do 🙂

    • huyentxo says:

      It’s easy to get overwhelmed with numbers and wanting to be better than everyone, but we all get to where we want to be at a different rate and the quality of your work weighs so much more than your following count!

  2. Wanderlustts says:

    So true huyen, I’ve also seen a few blog post about this and it surprised me that accounts with half a million followers are struggling the same way accounts with let’s say 10k followers. I guess the Instagram algorithm really has affected everyone in different ways which is crazy because I feel like it’s making everyone more obsess in an unhealthy way because we get so discouraged when we don’t see the results we hope for. Hope Instagram will fix this problem that everyone clearly hates soon


    • huyentxo says:

      It really is discouraging and I feel like there are so many people wanting to join the blogging bandwagon and start a career out of it because they feel like it’s an easy job and it ruins those that actually take it seriously and care about the content they put out. I am tired of seeing low quality photos (ex: selfies and something irrelevant to their niche) and the same person wondering why their engagement isn’t amazing.

  3. Vivian says:

    Dear you have just spoken something out of my mind… sometimes it’s not that we care about the numbers but the brands care. I honestly don’t know if IG will improve or not but will just keep on doing quality content 😌

    • huyentxo says:

      Unfortunately this is true. Even if our content is amazing but our reach is low, some brands are still unwilling to work and/or invest their time in us. It is nobody’s fault and I am not blaming the brand because we do that too. We prefer a more well known brand compared to a small company. It goes both ways. I am trying to build up my blog for that reason ..incase anything happens I have my blog to fall back on 🙂

  4. Thy Nguyen says:

    What a great read! Yes I agree! we always been obsessed with some number but ever since the algorithm has change, we all obsessed about engagement even more because like you said losing impacts us more than gaining. It’s just human nature, we just want better ourselves everytime and don’t want to go back from where we started.

    • huyentxo says:

      It really is discouraging especially when you try your best to put content out there that you hope inspires people but your reach isn’t where you want it to be. Honestly, this isn’t what we expected and it’s difficult to leave something you’ve worked so hard to build! We just need more tactics right now haha

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