How Social Media Changed My Life

We all know that social media has a large impact in our thoughts and lives. We wake up and the first thing we check is our messages and mails, Twitter, Facebook, etc. The best part of social media for me is that it gave me opportunities I never thought existed. I am still a small blogger and obviously don’t have a good idea of how to network compared to the already established, but keep on reading to see how it changed my life.

I am thankful for all of the opportunities given to me. I would’ve never known what kind of life was out there if I had still lived in Missouri. I will admit, moving away has been one of the best decisions of my life, even if it breaks my heart being away from my friends and family.

My town back in Missouri was not for me. I felt like the community was not interested in the idea 0f growth. Once I got married and moved out, I knew it was time to experience life in different parts of the world. After moving away, the first city we visited was Toronto (5 hours away); it was an amazing breather from America because no lie, Canadians are much more friendly! I met up with a few Instagram girls there and was excited as this was my first meet up.

I was able to visit an amazing group of insta-buddies that I can actually call friends (follow them on IG: @thy.time, @loveeevan, @missmisschelle, @fionahx3) in the heart of Chicago. It cannot be done without the collaboration with Loews Hotel.

I have worked with so many wonderful companies because of social media and created an asset. When I first started it was for fun and just an outlet for me to share my style and after networking with so many people in the blogging industry and knowing that I could potentially work for some of my favorite brands I figured it was time to work more professionally.

Knowing people from different parts of the world and visiting places you’ve never thought you would because of the Internet may seem silly for some people, but this is the future. Though we interact with those outside of social media, we can connect with several hundreds and millions more online and all at once. Don’t get me wrong, human interaction is a must, but time is changing and with million of jobs created online and people preferring to work at home, the digital world shouldn’t be frowned up.  People may laugh at us social media folks, but while they’re laughing, we are building our brand and expanding ourselves. I don’t know where I plan on going with my blogger side, but I am excited about the direction it’s heading.

Top: Nak-d found here (use HUYEN20) for free shipping // Shorts: American Eagle // Bag: Hieleven // Sandals: Lulus // Sunglasses:


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  1. Michelle Sun says:

    Girl, I am excited for your blogging journey! Your feed has grown so much and same with your inspirational messages 🙂 Keep up with the blog posts – I want to read more! Love love love your glasses and sleeves!

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