Versatility with Strathberry

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As a style blogger, I learned to be versatile in my choices for clothes, shoes, and accessories. I can spend hours staring at my shopping cart pondering about the price point and value of the products I chose. Thoughts that run through my mind includes: how many times can I wear that piece, will it last me for several years, and what can I wear it with. Though the minimal style is not for everyone, it gives great value to my life. I have created a capsule wardrobe with those pieces and I wear it during all four seasons. It saved me money and time so I’m not always stressed about keeping up with the latest trend. Though trendy outfits make you stand out, they can also make you appear outdated if you don’t trade in your pieces for another quickly.

To be more specific, if I was given the choice between clothes and handbags, I would definitely invest in handbags. The value of clothes are worth less and the quality of it depreciates greatly with each wear. However, you can resell handbags, trade it, or keep it for several years while being in style.

I recently got a chance to review an up-and-coming brand, Strathberry, which was founded in 2013. Both my tote and backpack are built with a gold bar that snaps over the handle. Though it may appear as an inconvenience when you’re opening and closing the purse, it replaces the use of a zipper. The small difference in this design is one of the many reasons that Strathberry stand out from other designer brands. The exterior of the purse is made out of calf leather which also gives it a durable and soft finish while the interior has a suede-like texture. The purse keeps its shape if it’s not overstuffed which isn’t a problem for those that don’t carry around a large number of items. The minimalistic design of it will definitely be wearable for years to come. If you want to always be in season, opt for a neutral color such as black.

Shop this my purse here:

 Unfortunately, the backpack is discontinued

Fun fact: you can also find this brand at


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  1. Michelle Sun says:

    Aw, your bag and backpack are so cute!!! I agree that these types of accessories can last for years and they’re so worth the long-term investment as opposed to clothing pieces!

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