Falling for you

Back in June I told myself it’s time to hustle and write at least two blog posts a week…and I did for about three weeks (haha). I have lots of drafts saved but didn’t feel like posting it because I came down on what is known as the writer’s block syndrome. In addition, July was the launch of my Youtube channel so my focus was more on video content during the month.

Some future things to expect for the next few months from me is a page for you to shop my looks and hopefully two blog posts a week. My goal is to write two blog posts as well as filming one Youtube video per week. I was doing pretty well with my Youtube content and record two new videos last week; however, I wasn’t happy with how they came out so that is on hold until possibly this coming Sunday.

But I am back now, and semi-stronger than ever. With the help of my friend Michelle, I was encouraged to add more items to my Poshmark and so far I have made a pretty decent amount of money for being active for less than a week! I am selling all of my Charlotte Russe, Forever21, and some beloved hair products on my shop so definitely check it out! I’ve been dying to switch up my style lately to a more bohemian, classy, and feminine type of look and I got a few packages coming in later this week so you’ll definitely see a different style of mine soon! The only downside is that the pieces do cost a little more than what I would usually splurge on, but hey, sooner or later a girl’s gotta ditch that Forever21 life because well…I’m definitely not 21 anymore (haha).

Cleaning up my closet was so refreshing; however, I am now left with only a few favorite pieces of mine and I have been avoiding photoshoots for the time being. With the little pieces I did have left I decided to create a fall-inspired outfit with it. The great thing about fall is that below this leather jacket is a summer outfit, but throw it on and you have a fall outfit of the day. Keep your summer clothes in the closet for the time being and use those pieces as a way to transition to fall season ahead.

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