Into the Woods

Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about my story-telling skills via Instagram. As a style blogger, I want my fans to be able to create my looks; however, I felt like my feed had too much style and less life. My husband and I have been visiting local metroparks in our area and I was inspired to incorporate more forest-like photos to my feed. This is an unusual aspect since I am a big city girl.

We typically spend 1-2 hours at the parks and during that timeframe I was able to see the beauty in life that a city can’t provide. In addition, there were hidden gems we found along the way that would make for an amazing shoot. Buildings fits the aesthetics of an urban style, but there’s life in nature that a brick wall can’t replicate and that has given me inspiration that I’ve been lacking.

A big thank you to Fame and Partners for gifting me this dress

With Love,

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  1. Michelle Sun says:

    Girl, you slay in that red dress! One of your photos you look exactly like the 💃🏻 red dress dancing emoji LOL! Love love love!

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