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Dress for Less During Fall

As fall is creeping up on us, we can’t help but to already think about sweaters, coats, and boots. However, I’m trying to hold onto summer pieces for as long as I can and incorporate it into fall. In today’s blog post, I’ll be giving tips on how you can save some money when creating fall outfits as well as how to keep warm. If you are a fan of the upcoming season, you’ll understand me when I say the weather includes chilly days along with the smell of crisp leaves that will make you crave for some pumpkin spice lattes, but it also means there will be days where it feels like summer never left us. Rather than competing with the weather, we just need to dress smarter, in a fashionable way of…


Falling for you

Back in June I told myself it’s time to hustle and write at least two blog posts a week…and I did for about three weeks (haha). I have lots of drafts saved but didn’t feel like posting it because I came down on what is known as the writer’s block syndrome. In addition, July was the launch of my Youtube channel so my focus was more on video content during the month. Some future things to expect for the next few months from me is a page for you to shop my looks and hopefully two blog posts a week. My goal is to write two blog posts as well as filming one Youtube video per week. I was doing pretty well with my Youtube content and record two new videos last week; however, I wasn’t…


Versatility with Strathberry

Black Strathberry Midi Tote

Product was gifted, but the blog post is not sponsored. All opinions are in my own words. As a style blogger, I learned to be versatile in my choices for clothes, shoes, and accessories. I can spend hours staring at my shopping cart pondering about the price point and value of the products I chose. Thoughts that run through my mind includes: how many times can I wear that piece, will it last me for several years, and what can I wear it with. Though the minimal style is not for everyone, it gives great value to my life. I have created a capsule wardrobe with those pieces and I wear it during all four seasons. It saved me money and time so I’m not always stressed about keeping up with the latest trend.…


Hair Coloring Advice

I remember as a child, I wanted to cut my hair shorter and layer it – but my mom wouldn’t let me touch it until I was 16. Her response was, “you’re going to damage your hair” and “it’s going to look bad”. Being a good child, I listened to everything she said, but I’m glad I got out of that stage!


Winter Street Chic

If you have been following me on Instagram since I first started my fashion page, you’ll see that my Instagram photos have changed dramatically. From being a “teen” fashion account with headless shots, colorful outfits, and crop tops to transitioning to more of a basic look to what I am now, which is more street chic style. What I can say that influenced my style this past Fall/Winter season is definitely my age and stage in life.