Instagram Algorithm

Algorithm – It’s the hottest topic on Instagram right now that it might as well be the #1 trending hashtag (if it isn’t already). After reading several blog posts where bloggers voiced their opinion on the topic, I’ve concluded one thing: it discourages influencers no matter if they have 1K or 100K followers. Therefore, I’ll spare you the sad story of how it affects me. Instead, let’s discuss numbers and why we are so dumbfounded about it.       People speak of numbers as if it is a foreign concept. There are those that wonder “why do people obsess themselves over numbers of likes and followers on social media? That is so superficial”   Well Aunt Jane…. the problem is numbers. This is where you need to consider your life outside of social…

Travel Tips

Adult-Only vs. Family-Friendly Resort

Most likely your initial thought is “Well of course an all-adult is the way to go!” — because that was what I thought too. Unfortunately, it was not what I experienced.   Upon our arrival to our resort (Royal Suite Turquesa) there was one thing that stuck out to us — the hotel was quiet. I’m not talking about peaceful tranquility, but rather, there was not a lot of people in the resort. It only took us a day to realize that every other sister hotel in the resort are much more lively. My assumption is that parents want to take their kids with them, so of course those hotels will be more busy (and fun). Adult-only resorts are more expensive. My advice is to save the extra money for nicer resorts that is…


Hair Coloring Advice

I remember as a child, I wanted to cut my hair shorter and layer it – but my mom wouldn’t let me touch it until I was 16. Her response was, “you’re going to damage your hair” and “it’s going to look bad”. Being a good child, I listened to everything she said, but I’m glad I got out of that stage!


Visit Chicago: Eats

Before we dive into the food, I’ll just mention that this will be a semi-long post. I will try my best to shorten my words and let my audience appreciate the photos instead (haha). Of course Chicago won’t have amazing food compared NYC and LA, but for it being a Midwest Metropolis it is wonderful enough. You must also visit here with a mentality that everything will be expensive.


Visit Chicago: Loews Hotel

Located in Downtown Chicago, Loews Hotel offers a contemporary style of lodging. The main floor is spacious and offers a large common area with a mini bar/restaurant. One thing I did notice about the restaurant area is that there is always people there and it gets crazy busy in the evening! My husband used the area more often than me because of my schedule, but it would’ve been something I wouldn’t mind checking out.


Winter Street Chic

If you have been following me on Instagram since I first started my fashion page, you’ll see that my Instagram photos have changed dramatically. From being a “teen” fashion account with headless shots, colorful outfits, and crop tops to transitioning to more of a basic look to what I am now, which is more street chic style. What I can say that influenced my style this past Fall/Winter season is definitely my age and stage in life.

Gastronomy, Hotel

Visit: Columbus, OH

We (me and my husband) started off 2017 back in Missouri sharing our life together in Ohio with our friends and family. I am glad to say that we have yet another city to boast about. Both of us had a three-day weekend and decided to take a trip to Columbus, OH. I can definitely say it is a beautiful city and is worth visiting. In this post I will be highlighting the things we did over the two nights we were there as well as some recommendations of things to do and places to eat.